Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thing # 12 Rollyo

Easy to use but to build a really useful search tool it would take a lot of time to add trusted sites. Also limits you to information you've already seen. But would be great for a group working together. Here a link to my Rollyo

Thing # 11 Library thing

Very east to use and a great tool to add to blogs. Easy way to check out what others are reading or are interested in.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thing # 10 Image Generators

I've played around with some of these in the past. Here's My Meez image

I also created this poster.

Thing # 9 MERLIN and news feeds

I usually find blogs and feeds through Google and yahoo but I did find and Technorati useful and easy to use. But I hated Feedster. I was never able to get the results I was looking for to desplay. I still find it easier to locate blogs through Google. As for true news feeds, I'd rather go to news sites I trust and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Thing #8 RSS feeds

RSS feeds make it a lot easier to keep up with others peoples blogs and other sites that have feeds available. Instead of going to each site to see if something new has been added, it comes to you. I set up several feeds for this exercise. Some are ones of people I know and others just sounded interesting. Check out my feeds

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thing #7 Digital cameras and PhotoBucket

I love my digital camera. As you might have guessed, most of the pictures I take are of our greyhounds. But I do occasionally take other pictures, just not very ofter. The easiest way I've found to share photos is photobucket. The site gives you any code you need to post the pictures on any site or by email. You can also post videos. And since this wouldn't be complete without posting one of my pictures, here you go. Surprise, it's a greyhound.

Thing #6 Mash-ups

My favorite one was the color pickr. I found some very nice pictures that I might not have looked at otherwise. Here's one I thought was nice.

I also enjoyed the trading card maker. Here's one I made of our first greyhound, Zeus

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thing 5 Flickr

This is a picture a friend has posted on Flickr. This handsome greyhound is Hunky. Wondering what got his attention? This was taken in the clubhouse at the Jacksonville Kennel Club. Hunky was watching the greyhound races out the window. The race was just starting and the artificial lure had started around the rail. Must have brought back memories for him. He watched every race with just as much attention.

Week 2 Thing 3

Blogging is not something I like. I hate writing about myself. Give me a subject in history and I can give you PAGES. Had lots of practice as a history major. But if it deals with me or something I'm doing, it is guaranteed to be short and sweet. So this will be the toughest part for me to do.

Week 1 Thing 2

The hardest of the 7 & 1/2 things for me is to look at the end result. The easiest is teaching others. That's something I enjoy and (most of the time) comes easy to me.