Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thing # 23

My favorite "thing" I think would have to be You Tube. Found lots of videos that were fun to watch. But I'm not really sure the 23 things affected my life long learning goals. Many of these things I already knew about and used. I am surprised that I'm more comfortable with blogging though. I really didn't like blogging when I started this. Can't say it's my favorite thing but it is easier then when I started.

On "fault" I found with the program is that it assumes a certain level of computer knowledge. I didn't have problems but I know there were others that had problems. Not everyone knows the basics of uploading. That can be very discouraging for people. As for participating in a future program, I think it would depend. I really felt like I just didn't have the time, even with setting time aside to do as good of a job as I would have liked.


Beth Mitchell said...

You go girl!

Obviously, you got it done. It looks like I am going to as well.

The party's over!!

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